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Just because I've permanently hung up my blazer and vowed not to re-enter corporate America, doesn't mean I don't still LOVE to write and edit. I have over 20 years of experience in this area. And since I'm semi-retired, I can now offer my services at discounted rates.

So, let's talk about freelance travel writing.

  • Writing your first article or two can be daunting. Daunting because you don't really know if you're doing a good job.
  • Submitting your first query can be intimidating enough to scare you out of ever getting a byline.
  • While travel writing typically doesn't pay astronomically well (in the beginning), it is worthwhile to have your work professional reviewed.
  • I am not saying that this is something you will need to do for every article. But the service will help you become a better writer, and ensure that your first few articles are the best they can be.
  • Having your work professionally reviewed will build your confidence level and help you overcome the fear of reaching out to that editor!

Writing a BOOK?

Some people spend their entire adult lives hoping for a book deal where the publisher is willing to provide a substantial pay advance. Today, it is fairly easy to find a publisher. Finding a publisher willing to give you $25k upfront...not so much. What's even more accessible is the option to self-publish.

In either case, the costs involved with getting a book published can be pretty extensive for the average person. So, here is what I am offering to my readers and friends:

  • Basic edit of a full manuscript (up to 50,000 words). This is equal to approximately 50 pages in MS Word with default formatting (single-spaced, default font).
  • General timeline is estimated at 1-hour per page (according to the above format), 2-3 hours per day.
  • Expedited service can be requested depending on availability. I am limited to working two concurrent projects at a time. There are only so many hours in a day.

*This edit will NOT include any major rewrites. 

Other Services

Resume Rewrite

Having your resume professionally written and formatted will skyrocket your job search results. I provide fast turnaround and personal service. Just send me your original resume and a few job postings that fit your criteria, and I will tailor your resume to give you the best chances for getting through the automated filtering systems -and- get the call.

Phone Consultation

Phone consultations can be scheduled to help you with a variety of things.

  • Coaching to reach freelance writing milestones
  • Verbally discussing articles prior to submission
  • Strategy discussions
  • Answers to 'how-to' questions related to freelance writing and or technical writing contracts
  • Inside information related to starting an e-commerce business (specifically, importing products and online sales) to supplement your writing career.

*Payment must be remitted prior to booking.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email using the contact form below to inquire about any of these services.

Visit the 'Store' if you'd like to see pricing.

What People are Saying

"Thank you for the constructive feedback. I am pleased with the final results! It has been a pleasure working with you, as you have made this transition point in my life that much easier. New opportunities with a new beginning!"

V. Kumar

"Shelly, let me begin by complimenting you on the outstanding job you did. THAT WAS SMART!! No one wanted to pay me what I was worth, before now! Thanks, I appreciate your help."

M. Rodriguez

"Thank you for outstanding work. I like the new flow and thank you for the feedback."

James B.

"Shelly, your work is fantastic. I am very pleased with the result."

A. Seely

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